Thursday, October 29, 2015

Four Fine Tips in Pursuing an Acting Career (part 2 of 2)

2.  Learn the ropes. If you want to be taken seriously as an actor, present yourself as one. It will help if you will meet the right people, especially an agent who will represent you and find you audition schedules. You have to know where that action is taking place. You don’t necessarily have to live there. But it will be less expensive if you do. If you can find small gigs on the locations where the auditions are usually going on, then that will be much better.

Establish friendships with the people that you will meet along your audition rounds. You never know who will bring you luck and fortune in the future.

3. Be the master of the craft. Watch a lot of movies and learn how the actors attack their roles. Read aloud dialogues from scripts. Read books and references that can help you improve and where you can learn a lot from.

4. Be careful in hiring an agent. Do not believe those who will make you pay even if they still haven’t found you a job. That’s when they are supposed to get money from you. They get certain percentage as commission for the work that they helped you find. They are your allies. They must know your strong points so that they will instantly think of you for roles that fit you right.

All these tips must be taken at heart if you are serious in pursuing an acting career. The road may be tough. But it will be worth it when you reach the point of your destination.

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