Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Levitation Magic Trick (part 1 of 2)

Ever seen a magician make someone float in the air? Have you ever wondered how this was done? Well, with some help, you can perform this magic trick and amaze the audience.

For this, you need a special type of couch that has a secret compartment where the person can slide into and stay in until the trick is over. You can call someone from the audience or just let your assistant help you by letting them sit in a reclining position and then covering them with a piece of cloth.

After some time, you command that person to rise and once she has risen to a height about a foot from the couch, you remove the couch and walk around that person. Unknown to the audience, the person does not really levitate and what they see is simply a mesh like screen that is shaped like the body of the subject.

To make it more believable, you tell the person to rise a few feet more way above your head.  This is made possible by the four strings of invisible thread attached to the mesh and controlled by another person who follows your lead by telling them when to raise or lower the cloth.

Once the body is lowered and leveled to your head you remove the cloth and astound the audience because nobody is there.

You then make the person to show him or herself by calling them to come out. So that people will not think she hid in some hidden compartment backstage, your assistant can bring this person somewhere else and then let everyone see that assistant or the volunteer.

This is done of course as the couch that was removed earlier has been brought backstage so the person can come out already.

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